Tayba Dates

Grower, Packer, Exporter

Tayba Dates


Tayba dates offers many varieties of dates that are harvested carefully from Algerian desert oasis. Our dates are dedicated to serve all markets with its high standards and premium quality products, providing our clients competitively priced quality dates. Our brand exports dates to several European countries as well as the USA. We are proud to be the first Algerian  BRC food certified date factory.

Our Farm

Deglet Nour consists of more than 90% of our products where it is located in different Ouargla areas where we are planted, plus the region of Oued Righ, El-Oued area, and Biskra. For our purchases, we have provisioned these areas where there are follow-ups with the various agricultural services.

You can taste our care in every bite! We are specialists in organic dates, Deglet noor and various other varieties of dates fruit.


Tayba Dates Factory offers a wide range of ingredients to more than 20 countries, internationally. Our quality management system ensures we maintain high quality standards of ingredients we market. All our date ingredients are in compliance with international food regulations.


Tayba Dates is proud to be the north African’s first ‘Grade A’ BRC Food Certified dates factory. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a leading trade association from the United Kingdom. Although the BRC food safety standard began in the UK, it is recognized internationally as a leading food standard authority.

We are a member of FDA, The United States Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Our facility is also Halal Food Certified and USDA Food Certified.

Our Values

Our core values are centered on quality, freshness and sustainability. We partner with reputable packaging factories to provide optimal packaging solutions to ensure freshness and quality and look carefully at the approach and practices of our partner farms. Our purpose is to ensure that sustainable, eco-aware agricultural and packaging practices are followed, and that everyone involved in producing the dates is fairly and properly compensated.